Center for Development, Education and Training, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology that is located in BPPT Building II, 6th Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 8, Central Jakarta, is one of the work units in BPPT whose duty is to implement development and arrange education and training programs in technology engineering and other fields of training. 

Education and Training activities that have been carried out so far is a real contribution of Pusbindiklat in preparing Indonesian human resources that are professional and competent in the field of Science and Technology.

In the 1980s, to be more exact until 1983, education and training activities were organized by the Department of Education and Training as a third echelon unit under the coordination of the Bureau of Human Resources, Education and Training. At that time, education and training were conducted for the development of human resources competencies of BPPT only.

Realizing the importance of the roles of science and technology in the global era, among others are to sharpen the nation’s competitiveness, accelerate the wheels of development in all aspects of life, and improve the welfare of the people, a human resources development program in the field of science and technology was initiated. In 1984, BPPT c.q. Bureau of Personnel, Education and Training was appointed to manage education and training programs in the field of science and technology for scientists, engineers and technicians working in the ministries and non-ministry government institutions, such as LIPI, BPS, BATAN, BAKOSURTANAL and LAPAN, as well as strategic industries, among others: IPTN, PAL, PINDAD, Krakatau Steel, INKA, DAHANA, INTI, LEN, BHARATA and BBI to join the scholarship programs for undergraduates, master and doctoral degree in universities, and training programs both at home and abroad.

The first education scholarship program was run by Overseas Fellowship Program (OFP) in 1984-1992. Then, it was followed by Science & Technology for Manpower Development Program (STMDP) in 1992-1998 and Science & Technology for Industrial Development (STAID). Based on existing data, more than 500 persons participated in those education and training scholarship programs. The programs were funded by the State Budget, World Bank, OECF and JBIC-Japan.

In the course of the programs, Year 1992 was an important momentum. This managing unit for education and training became Echelon 2 under the name of the Center for Education and Training that served as a center for education and training of technological engineering. At that time, the Office of the Ministry of Research and Technology was officially assigned as the institution for developing the functional position of Engineers and Technicians.

In 2003 BPPT coordinated with the Ministry of Research and Technology, the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment (MENPAN) and the National Personnel Administration Agency (BKN) to seek out the best solution for optimum career development process of this functional position. Hence, in 2004 based on regulation No. SK/Kep/193/M.PAN/XI/2004, the Ministry of Research and Technology officially delegated its role as the institution developing engineers and technicians to BPPT, including as a unit managing the education and training programs for engineers and technicians nationwide. Then, a regulation was issued by the Chairman of BPPT under No. 107/Kp/KA/IX/2004 concerning Pusdiklat (Center for Education and Training) as a unit managing Development, Education and Training for the abovementioned positions.

Early 2006 was the most historic momentum when based on the Decree of the Chairman of BPPT No. 170/Kep/KA/BPPT/IV/2006, Pusdiklat changed its name into PUSBINDIKLAT (Center for Development, Education and Training). The change of name brought implication on the roles, duties and responsibilities of this unit to be more focus and committed to the implementation of development and promotion of the functional positions of engineers and technicians.



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