Center for Development, Education and Training conducted TOEFL ITP Prediction Test on Wednesday, July 26th 2017. It started from 09.00a.m. until 11.00 a.m. at Center for Development, Education and Training Classroom in BPPT building. There are 31 participants from 15 units from BPPT join this test. 

TOEFL ITP Prediction Test is a selecting process of the TOEFL ITP Preparation Training 2017 participants which will occur on August until October 2017.

The whole participants consist of 1 participant from B2TKS, 1 participant from BBTA3, 2 participants from BTPAL, 4 participants from BTSK, 6 participants from Public Bureau, 1 participant from HKH, 5 participants from Inspektorat, 4 participants from PTA, 1 participant from PTKS, 1 participant from PTSEIK, 1 participant from PTPSW, 1 participant from PTPSM, 1 participant from PTSPT, 1 participant from Rorenkeu, 1 participant from Center for Development, Education and Training.

The test result of each participant had been delivered by email a day after the test conducted. The participants who got the adequate score will join to the next selection agenda. 

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