Center for Development, Education and Training, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology in cooperation with the Pices (North Pacific Marine Science Organization) which consists of six countries in the North Pacific : United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, China and South Korea.

The objective of the activity is to improve the capacity of human resources for monitoring coastal and fisheries resources, especially related to global issues of climate and environmental change to support the management of coastal and fishery resources for the improvement of coastal community welfare.

The expected results can help coastal communities improve their technological capabilities in the monitoring and management of coastal and fisheries resources in a sustainable manner towards the better.

In the four days implementation starting on March 19, 2018, a Letter of Intent (LoI) on technology development, research cooperation, education and training. Forum Group Discusion (FGD) on the date March 19, 2018. Field trip on the date March 20, 2018, Kecamatan Muara Gembong Bekasi. Field trip on the date March 21, 2018, Desa Pabean Ilir Kecamatan Pasekan Kabupaten Indramayu. Field trip on the date March 22, 2018, Kelurahan Kalibaru Cilincing Jakarta Utara.

It had followed by 100 participants, which consist of BPPT, Ministry of Marine Affairs in cooperation with the Coordinating Ministry for the Ministry of Marine Affairs, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Bekasi Government, Indramayu Government and North Jakarta City Government.



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